Friday, January 2, 2009

Splitting blogs

After several months of my blogging experiment, I feel the need to split my posts between two blogs instead of trying to integrate them into one. My guess is that combining posts about my personal (Ukraine and related observations) and professional (mobile/tech/customer experience/innovation) interests probably appeal to different audiences. As a result, each post probably is not interesting for one of these audiences. And I hate to disappoint people. Additionally, I expect that splitting the blogs will give me more freedom to post more often.

Therefore, going forward this blog will focus exclusively on Ukraine-related observations. I've started another blog for my mobile/tech/customer experience/innovation posts. As of now, I haven't posted anything there yet.

None of us can completely separate our personal and professional interests. In fact, the key to a satisfying and successful career is to have as much overlap as possible. Therefore, readers of either blog will likely continue to find some intersection in my posts, but any references will be in the context of that blog's focus.

I hope you enjoy both of them!